Saturday, May 21, 2016

Attribute Changer 7.10g

Returning home with a lot of freshly taken photos and noticing that the camera's clock was set to a wrong date or time? No problem. Use Attribute Changer to manage your files' attributes at once with just a few clicks.

Attribute Changer modifies file dates and timestamps as well as the rd-only, system and hidden status flags.


Right-click add-on for Explorer
Change standard attributes (rd-only, system, hidden, etc.)
Modify date and time stamps (Crted, Modified, Accessed)
Modify photo date and time stamps (EXIF information)
Synchronize date and time stamps
Partial date and time stamp updates
Relative date and time adjustments
Randomize date and time stamps
Filters to exclude files and folders
Rltime reporting (simple and detailed)
Simulation mode
Complete user manual with tutorials

Screenshot :

Download :


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