Saturday, May 21, 2016


Withthe inventionof latestCloud sharing websites, Downloading directlyis farsier now. Therre Paid andFree Download Sites which permityou totransferany direcly via your browser. Herewe’ve gotreviewedthe newesttop 10Websites todownload with IDmply.

Advantages of Downloading with IDM
Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its lit dynamic file segmentation technology.It segments downloaded files dynamically during download process.It helps to achieve best acceleration performance.If the is blocked in your s/schools/colleges still you can download just by configuring proxy in your idm.We can download with IDM so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the has less of seeds.No need to worry about hlth.You can schedule downloads as per your requirement1.Zbigz- to IDM downloader
step 1. First go
step 2. Sign up for free account and verify your account
step 3. You will see homepage []
step 4. After clicking on go button you will see following popup []
step 5. Click on free button you will be redirected to following screen and click on zip file[]
step 6. Now here click on start download button and your download will start with full speed.2. – Safe Online Storage
step 1. Sign up for filestrm by clicking here [CLICK HERE].
step 2. Click on download .[]
step 3. Paste your link or browse from computer.[]
step 4. After that click on download icon. Copy the link to the clipboard paste it into IDM. Your will start downloading with – Your Files Everywhere
step 1. To sign up [click here] and get your cloud rdy.
step 2. You can collect your file online.[]
step 3. It allow upto 10 GB storage for free. If you want more facilities you can switch to premium Download directly to your Dropbox
step 1. You can sign up through any social network and can start downloads with IDM.
step 2. Follow the to download the directly to your dropbox.[]
step 3. Now from dropbox you can download with Way To Share Your Files
step 1. You can sign up with any social network. It comes with many alternatives.
step 2. After sign up you will see these screens [][]
step 3. Wait till it fetch after completing fetching process start to download with IDM.6. – Online storage for your backup
step 1. [CLICK HERE] Sign Up for bytebx. After successful sign you will see this screen.[]
step 2. Just click on upload and browse your . file.[]
step 3. After that you will see next popup just click on download button. Click on the blue square box button and get your file downloaded.[]–The world’s 1st Online Cloud Downloader
step 1. [CLICK HERE] You can sign up using your facebook account. After succesful account crtion this screen.[]
step 2. Just click on next and get your file rdy.8. – My Files
step 1. You will need google translator plugin here and VPN sometimes.
step2. [CLICK HERE] if you got error as shown in thethen use vpn.[]
step3. Change the country in VPN and register account. Its interface is same as which is I explained rlier. So you can follow that tutorial and download with IDM.9. Cloud Is Here
step1. You can sign up with 3 social network here as shown in the []
step2. It only allows to upload remote URL of for free user. So paste the link in the window shown in .[]
step3. Click on go and follow the instruction.10.
step1. NO need to Sign up. Just paste your links on upload from computer
step2. Just Follow the and download .[]

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