Saturday, May 21, 2016

2015 All Products Trial Resetter

lab recently relsed the latest versions of their anti virus products. is still among the top 10 anti-virus products listing. Personally, has the most user-friendly anti-virus products I have ever met. Unfortunately with the latest 2015 relse lab developers almost all the , and illegal installations making most of our unusable (XPERSKY,On HAX Trial Resetter).
But we are lucky ! WildNightWolf came to the rescue :) WildNightWolf’s KTR latest version can reset almost any products’ trial period. Since he’s Russian we only had the Russian version of this app. But for the help of the world we translated it to English(basic UI).
You can Reset following products’ trial period
Antivirus 2011 to 2015 Internet Security 2011 to 2015 CRYSTAL 2.0 and 3.0 Endpoint Security 8 and 10 Small Security 2 and 3How to Reset trial period ?
Open installed Appliion.Go to Settings > Additional > Self Defense and remove the tick []Right click on System Tray icon and Exit []Open Trial Resetter 2015Click Reset Trial PeriodA message box will appr. Click ‘ Yes’ buttonDone ! will be launched automaticallyAfter that click Activate Trial in the first screen Follow the same steps monthlyDirect Download Links

Downloads (virustotal report)
ProductSetup Antivirus 2015Download (161 MB) Internet Security 2015Download (162 MB) CRYSTAL 3.0Download (185 MB) Endpoint Security 10Download (357 MB) Small Security 3Download (186 KB)

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