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CyberLink Power Ultra v14.0.3917.58 &

CyberLink Power Ultra
CyberLink Power is the world's one disc and digital media player, providing you with fture-rich controls, for an interactive and tailored viewing experience on your computer.

System RequirementsOperating System 8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP SP3* ( XP Service Pack 3 is required).Processor (CPU)Blu-ray Disc, , and TrueThter 3D PlaybackBlu-ray Disc playback: Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66GHz), AMD Phenom 9450 (2.10GHz) or above.Blu-ray 3D playback: Core i5, AMD Phenom II X4 or above.TrueThter HD** and TrueThter 3D** for Blu-ray and HD : Core i5 (with 4 Cores), AMD Phenom II X6 or above. playback: Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz), Athlon 64 2800+ (1.8 GHz), AMD Fusion E-series & C-series or above.Note: ** some Fox titles relsed from Jul. 2013 will not support TrueThter HD or TrueThter 3D.
4K UltraHD with Hardware Acceleration 3rd eration Core i5 or above.Graphics Cards (GPU)Blu-ray Disc, , and TrueThter HD/3D Playback HD Graphics, ATI Radeon HD 5000, NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT or above.Blu-ray 3D playback HD Graphic ( Core i5), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series and GeForce GT 240/320/330/340, AMD Radeon HD 6000 and 6000M series with UVD 3 support. PlaybackPCI Express graphic accelerator supporting DirectX 9.0 or above.Memory (RAM)Blu-ray Disc, , and TrueThter 3D PlaybackBlu-ray Disc playback: 2 GB required for Vista, 7 and 8; 1 GB required for XP. and TrueThter 3D playback: 1 GB required for Vista, 7 and 8; 512 MB required for XP.Blu-ray 3D with or without Hardware Acceleration2 GB.Hard Space400 MB for product installation.Display DevicesBlu-ray Disc, , and TrueThter 3D PlaybackFor Blu-ray titles with AACS and titles with CPRM playback, Power 14 only allows output to display devices using DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connector in order to be compliant with copy protection (HDCP).For other and Blu-ray Disc playback: HDCP compliant display for digital output. or computer monitor for analog output.TrueThter 3D playback: 3D display and 3D glasses required.Blu-ray 3D with or without Hardware Acceleration3D display and 3D glasses are required (NVIDIA 3D Vision, 3D Rdy HD, HDMI 1.4-enabled , Micro-polarizer L or Anaglyph Red/Cyan Glasses). HDCP compliant display for digital output.Disc PlayerBlu-ray Disc playback: BD-ROM/BD-RE or Super Multi Blu combo disc drive. and TrueThter 3D playback: -ROM, +-R/RW, -RAM or Super Multi combo disc drive.Internet ConnectionYou can use your subscription software offline, however, the software requires that you connect to the Internet at lst once every 30 days to ensure that your software is up-to-date and that your subscription is still active.Internet connection required for initial software , CyberLink Cloud, BD-Live, 7digital music store, and Social Media Services (MoovieLive, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube).Note: * CyberLink Power with NVIDIA 3D Vision is not supported under XP.
How to Activate?Disconnect from internetInstall CyberLink Power Ultra v14.0.3917.58After install don't launch programOpen as administratorChoose x64 or x86 - Click - Enter Your Name Open CyberLink Power Ultra v14.0.3917.58Done...Note : Your security software may warn you. It is false positive.

Name : CyberLink Power Ultra v14.0.3917.58 & Link Download : CyberLink Power Ultra v14.0.3917.58 Setup [176 MB] | Only [212 KB]
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