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Greenshot lets you pick a destination dynamically after crting a screenshot, displaying a small menu with different destinations to select from. If you do not want or need to switch destinations instantly, you might prefer to configure Greenshot to export to one or more destinations directly, without displaying the destination picker.

CHANGE LOG: 8.1 & Box bug-fix Relse

Bugs resolved:
* Bug #1604,#1631,#1634: Capture problems since update to 8.1 with multiple displays
* Bug #1627: Box upload failed since 1.1.8
* Unreported: The greenshot.ini values "NoGDICaptureForProduct" and "NoDWMCaptureForProduct" had incorrect defaults, which might cause issues with some appliions when using the auto capture mode.

* Fture #697: Added the possibility to replace characters/strings when a pattern is used, to have more control over the resulting filename. E.G. ${title:r ,_} will cause all the spaces to be replaced by underscores.
* Fture #712: The amount of colour which s are reduce to, if the setting is active, has been made configurable in the greenshot.ini property OutputFileReduceColorsTo. Default stays at 256,
* Fture #723: Adding a newline when exporting to Word or an open Outlook email, this makes it possible to rept exports.

* Flickr plug-in: from June 27th, 2014 Flickr will only accept uploads via HTTPS! As the switch is alrdy possible Greenshot has been changed accordingly.

* Updated the French translation for the plug-in

Screenshot :

Download :
Download | Greenshot [1,25 MB]
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