Saturday, May 21, 2016

Power 14 beta v4028 relse

Going forward, we’d like to provide our forum members with access to beta updates for Power 14. Beta updates are provided by CyberLink so Power 14 users can have access to quick bug fixes and assist in confirming the issue have been resolved.

Relse Date: 2014-May-2

Relse Note:

Resolves the issue where the error "There is not enough space available on the current drive" displays during the installation of Power 14 on a partition that has a large amount of free space.*

Improves performance when Power is scanning folders for media import into the library.

Resolves the issue when Power continues to run in the background after closing the program.

Resolves crash issues reported by the CyberLink Issue Reporter.

Blu-ray :
Enhanced audio smoothness for Blu-ray "Frozen" and other with DTS soundtracks.

User Interface:
Adds QR for Power Remote and Power Media Player apps under the Devices tab for sier installation on mobile devices.

Adds in-program CyberLink Cloud tutorials.

Adds a delete button in the photo library to allow for sier photo removal.

This beta download is only for customers who purchased full version. This beta resolves an installer issue, so we provide full build here. Ensure you have the product for activating the program after re-installation. Customers who purchased upgrade version, plse try not to install the full version. We are working on other build relse.

It is recommended to right click on the Power 14 installer or desktop shortcut, select "Run as Administrator" to run the program to avoid UAC program blocks the usage.

Screenshot :

Download :
Download | Power 14 Ultra v4028Download | Power 14 Pro v4028Download | Power 14 Standard v4028Download | : madara-share

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