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Shadow Defender Inc

Shadow Defender adalah sebuah soft yang berguna untuk melindungi Drive sobat dari benda yang tidak diinginkan seperti virus, trojan, work, malware, adware, spyware dan aplikasi yang merusak system

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

2000 professional
XP Home
XP Professional
Vista (32-bit)
7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
8 (32-bit and 64-bit)


Pentium 133 MHz or faster


128 MB or above


Hard drive space requirements are 3 MB for program files
and 10M or more free space for ch partiton in Shadow Mode

Installing Shadow Defender

Use the installation instructions corresponding to the interface and whether the product was downloaded from the web.

1. Click the Setup.exe file.
2. At the main screen click the NEXT button.
3. Select I Agree to accept the agreement and click NEXT.
4. Type the name and organization and click NEXT.
5. Click NEXT to confirm the installation.
6. Once the installation is complete, click the CLOSE button.
7. Reboot the system.

Register Shadow Defender

You must register Shadow Defender with a valid obtained from . Otherwise, the software will expire in 30 days. To activate Shadow Defender complete the following steps.

1. Right-click and select "Copy" or press Ctrl + C to copy the register in the letter
2. Click Register in the main interface of Shadow Defender
3. Right-click the " " field and select "Paste" or press Ctrl+V to enter your
4. Press "OK" and Shadow Defender is registered

How Does Shadow Defender Work?

Shadow Defender's protection concept is very sy to grasp. For the software to do its job properly you have to place the s installed on your computer into Shadow Mode. By doing this, the appliion will take a snapshot of the and run every file in virtual mode. You will have the same access to the files on the but any write action will be virtual. This mns that no matter how many worms and spyware you infect your computer with, they will not affect the rl system at all because of the virtualization. Once you snap out of this "parallel dimension" every change to the system and the files on the will be discarded.

The conclusion in this sense is that the computer will not be affected by any change and no malicious files will be written to the PC. The grtest thing is that you can choose what can actually get stuck on the while in Shadow Mode. More than this, you can decide in advance what files and folders should not benefit from Shadow Mode protection.

Screenshot :

Download :

Download | Shadow Defender Inc (3,67 MB)
Download | Only (416 KB)

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