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Ultrasurft 12.01

UltraSurf is the flagship anti-censorship product of the UltraRch Internet Corporation. The program enables users inside countries with hvy Internet censorship to visit any public website in the world safely and freely. UltraSurf can also be used to protect user privacy in countries without Internet censorship.

Installation and Usage

1. Download and Installation

UltraSurf does not require installation. You can start the program simply by double-clicking the executable file.

Users may save UltraSurf to a flash drive or access it from their email. The program may be used on any computer and will lve no trace when deleted.

The UltraSurf icon is a sailboat navigating around the globe. Users may change the file name for their own safety and convenience.

2. Start UltraSurf

After you double click the executable file, UltraSurf will open the Interface window. The interface displays the function and the operation status.

If UltraSurf prompts a window for proxy setup, plse refer to step 8 for proxy configuration. If UltraSurf does not open the home page, plse refer to step 7 on advanced settings.

The UltraSurf temporary file folder utmp and system initialization file u.ini will be put under the same loion as the exe file (Version 10.00 and higher).

3. Server Connection and Operation Status Display

The UltraSurf interface displays the status of server connection and operation. At startup, UltraSurf automatically srches for and chooses the highest speed server available. The check box and the green light indie which server is currently in use. You may select a different server by checking another box if the current one is not working properly.

Connection speed is an indior of the performance of the server: 100% is the highest speed and is equivalent to a direct connection.

4. How to Use the UltraSurf Program

By using Internet Explorer (IE), UltraSurf users are able to browse any website and open new . For example, if the user wants to browse the Secret China news web site, simply enter the URL directly in the small URL window of the IE, UltraSurf will bring up the web site immediately.

Note: You may minimize the interface window when using UltraSurf. You may not close the window, or you will exit UltraSurf.

5. Exiting the UltraSurf Program

You can click the “exit” on the UltraSurf interface or close the interface window to exit the Ultra.

Once you exit UltraSurf, your IE browser is no longer protected by UltraSurf. For your safety, during the 20 second count-down before exiting, an “Exit Warning” will be appr with the following options:

· Close IE and exit.

This option allows you to close all current browser when you exit UltraSurf. This option is recommended as it is very likely that the browser’s stored the URLs of some of the censored websites that you visited while using UltraSurf.

· Keep IE and exit.

If you have a special need to keep your current IE browser’s open, and you are aware of the safety issues, you can select this option, which prevents UltraSurf from closing any of the browser’s which are open during the exiting process.

6. Function on the UltraSurf Interface

The UltraSurf Interface apprs on the desktop whenever UltraSurf is running, although users may minimize the interface. The following are the instructions for all function :

•“Home”: reopens the homepage.
•“Retry”: finds another server.

· “Option”: accesses advanced settings (refer to Step 7 for details).

· “Help”: displays the UltraSurf user guide in the IE browser.

· “Exit”: stops UltraSurf, automatically clrs the browsing history, restores the default settings and performs a series of other tasks before quitting the program (refer to Step 5 “Exit UltraSurf Program”). Users may also click the “X” button in the upper right corner of the UltraSurf interface to stop the program.

· Short-cut- (Version 10.00 and higher)


Hide UltraSurf Interface


Show UltraSurf Interface


Minimize UltraSurf Interface


Close all IE browsers


Exit UltraSurf


Exit UltraSurf immediately


Exit UltraSurf immediately and delete utmp and u.ini

7. Advance Settings

The default setting of UltraSurf is intended to protect the users’ safety. Users with special needs may alter these settings to specify whether they want to clr the browsing history, delete cookies or use proxies. The following are detailed instructions for the options in “advanced settings”.

· “Enable Hot”: when this option is checked, the Hot will be enabled; if this option is unchecked, Hot will be disabled. You may want to disable this fture if you do not use it or the hot are conflict with other programs.

· “Hide ”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf wil start in background. To bring it to foreground, use Ctl+Alt+S.

· “Do not use IE”: users who do not want to use IE with UltraSurf may select this option. When this option is checked, UltraSurf will not manage or change any IE settings and other IE related options will be inactive.

· “Start IE automatically”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will automatically open an IE browser upon startup; if this option is unchecked, UltraSurf will not open an IE browser or any other website when started.

· “Delete cookies automatically upon exiting”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will automatically delete cookies when exiting (this is the default setting). Users who have decided not to delete cookies should uncheck this option.

· “Delete history automatically upon exiting”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will automatically delete the browsing history when exiting.

· “Close IE immediately upon exiting”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will close all IE browsers and all websites when exiting. If this option is unchecked, users may choose to retain or manually close IE (refer to Step 5 - Exit UltraSurf Program for details).

· “Do not close IE upon exiting”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will not close IE , nor will it show the “Exit Warning” window when exiting.

· “Hide Golden Lock (requires UltraSurf to be restarted in order to take effect)”: by default, a Golden Lock on lower right corner of the window indies that you being protected by UltraSurf. You may hide the Golden Lock by checking this option which will take effect the next time you start UltraSurf.

· “Proxy setting” button: enters the proxy setting window (refer to “Manual Proxy Setting” below).

· “Delete Cookie” button: deletes all the cookies immediately.

· “Delete History” button: deletes the entire browsing history immediately

· “Local Listening Port (26-65535): you can set local listening port from 26 to 65535, default 9666.

· “Reset to Default Settings” button: reset all settings to default value, a window will pop up, hit “Yes” to confirm, “No” to cancel. Then hit “OK” to take effect, “Cancel” to cancel.

8. Manual Proxy Setting

Normally users do not need to enter proxy setting themselves. By default UltraSurf will choose the proxy setting based on your IE proxy setting.

In certain cases users may need to use a proxy to access Internet. This option allows users to manually set a proxy for UltraSurf.

The following is the instruction for proxy setting:

· “Auto-Detect Proxy”: when this option is checked, UltraSurf will automatically detect the proxy setting of IE browser.

· “Manual Proxy Setting”: when this option is checked, you can enter your own proxy setting.

· “Directly use UltraSurf”: when this option is checked, users will use 100% transparent and highly encrypted UltraSurf directly, without the involvement of other proxy servers. If the user has entered a proxy server on IE, that proxy server will not be used; it will resume being the proxy server for IE after you exit the UltraSurf program.

III. Functional Specifiion of UltraSurf

(1) Privacy Protection

UltraSurf protects users’ Internet privacy through anonymous surfing and browsing: the program hides IP addresses and loions, clns browsing history, cookies and more.

(2) Strong Encryption and High Security

UltraSurf uses industry standard strong encryption SSL, which is used for financial data transfers such as online banking and shopping. All data which is transmitted through UltraSurf is highly encrypted, ensuring that nobody other than the user will ever see the content.

(3) Supports HTTPS Tunneling

UltraSurf supports https tunneling. Users can visit “https” websites through UltraSurf. Because the content of “https” websites is alrdy encrypted, data from these websites will be doubly protected through UltraSurf.

(4) Supports All HTTP Based Protocols

UltraSurf supports all http based protocols, including webmail, http based data strming, javascripts and DHTML, etc – all email sent through UltraSurf is highly encrypted.

(5) Supports Secure Data Uploading and Downloading

UltraSurf supports both uploading and downloading by highly encrypting the data.

Screenshot :

Download :

Download | Ultrasurft 12.01 (1,31 MB)

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