Saturday, May 21, 2016

WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5

WinPatrol PLUS
WinPatrol PLUS provides incrsed performance, rl-time monitoring without slowing down your system,customized Registry monitoring, ActiveX management and access to WinPatrol program database. The WinPatrol PLUS database includes details based on the actions of other WinPatrol users.

FturesMonitoring, Removing and Disabling Startup Programs (Makes Boot Up 5 Times Faster By Proper Use)Let You Set Special Delayed Start of Programs (Makes Boot Up 5 Times Faster By Proper Use)IE Helpers – Browser Helper Objects – Toolbars ControllingLet You Schedule Tasks Services ManagerActive Tasks ControllingCookie Management and FilteringMonitoring and Restoring File Type AssociationsHidden Files Startup Detection (Helps To Discover New Mal In Your System)Recent Tab Sorted by Last Detected FtureMonitor and Disable ActiveX using Kill BitsCustom Registry MonitoringHost File/Start Page MonitoringInfo… on ProgramsAccess to Community Data Info (To see what actions other users take against a specified startup program)WinPatrol is designed in the way not to slow down your computer. In usual times WinPatrol is idle so, it doesn’t slow down your computer. Use it properly and you will find the difference between the normal computer and the WinPatrol installed computer.
How to Register?Disconnect from internetInstall WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5Launch WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5 - PLUSRegister with given belowBlock WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5 with your firewallDone... WinPatrol PlusName : The Destroyer [M_P]Reg : BSV1LL1 or YSE8VJ8 or PSZ2UE2 or FSM5BI4 or ISR8OY8 or TSN4JT6

Name : WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5 Link Download : WinPatrol Plus 32.0.2014.5 Setup (1,09 MB)
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