Saturday, May 21, 2016

WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 &

RAR is a console appliion allowing to manage archive files in command line mode. RAR provides compression, encryption, data recovery and many other functions described in this manual.

What's New
Version 5.20 beta 2"Crte WinRAR.ini file" command in "Export/Import" submenu of "Options" menu crtes a new WinRAR.ini file and copies WinRAR settings from Registry to this file.Beta 1 documentation described "Global" in WinRAR.ini as Global/AppData, Global/Integration, Global/SaveSettings, when actually they are Global\AppData, Global\Integration,Global\ SaveSettings (backslash instd of forward slash).Now WinRAR crtes these in WinRAR.ini automatically if they do not alrdy exist.Compression settings in "Convert archives" dialog were not saved after pressing "Save" button. First beta proposed "name.ext.ext.rar" instd of expected "name.ext.rar" archive name, when archiving "name.ext" folder.How to Register?Install WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2Open - Launch WinRARDone...

Name : WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 & Link Download : WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 32-Bit | WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 64-Bit | Only (25 KB)
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